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Novella – Caribbean Payback

A UN peacekeeping mission has turned into tragedy. Peacekeepers are dead, a soldier is now a hostage, and a country is looking for answers.

Special forces and intelligence operatives are given the task of settling the score in a country where corruption and chaos are a way of life. The best of Canada’s military and intelligence services converge in a race against time and hidden agendas to save one of their own and to repair a country’s honor.  

Politics, espionage, and military action drive this standalone story, which sets the stage for the CANZUK at War universe and the action-packed near future full-length novel, Take Whiteman.

Fans of Clancy’s Red Storm Rising, Bond’s Red Phoenix or Vortex, Lunnon-Wood’s Long Reach, or Greaney’s Red Metal will enjoy this fast-paced, action-packed short story.

What Are Readers Saying About Caribbean Payback?

“The book is fast paced, and is expertly woven together using the threads of military action, Canadian intelligence services operatives and operations, with highly charged political scenes. The characters are totally believable and exceedingly well crafted. The military action is fast, deadly, extremely realistic and technically brilliant. I could not put the book down until I finished it, and was extremely disappointed that it was only a novella, as I really really wanted more!” UK Amazon review

As a Canadian it was a pleasure to read an action packed story about our own soldiers and government. With the story located in Haiti and Canada’s past involvement in this country made for a very believable action packed thriller. I look forward to reading the next book!” Kobo review

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