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Take Whiteman Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

The United States is into the third year of a terrible civil war. Once great American cities are now nuclear wastelands.

As the world watches the former United States burn, Canada and the CANZUK alliance can standby no longer. Now, their freedom is on the line.

A Canadian paratrooper, a British tanker and an Australian commando lead their countries into a war that will alter the world’s political landscape for generations.

In Canada, an untested deputy prime minister is confronted by an unthinkable plot and shadowy international forces that do not want her to succeed.

Through the eyes of frontline soldiers and pilots, intelligence officers and political leaders, Canada and her allies must overcome insurmountable odds to secure not only its freedom, but freedom and hope across the world.   

Take Whiteman is a first of its kind a techno-military thriller that focuses on Canada and its allies, but it is a story that will resonate with anyone who keeps a close eye on world events.  

Fans of Clancy’s Red Storm Rising, Bond’s Red Phoenix or Vortex or Greaney’s Red Metal will enjoy this action-packed, politically savvy near-future military thriller.

What Readers Are Saying About Take Whiteman?

This first novel by RA Flannagan is a page-turner! Top marks for a fast-paced thriller with impressively realistic details of military operations — strategy, equipment, combat, and grit. Equally impressive is how Flannagan situates the minute-by-minute action within a futuristic political context that is uncannily relevant to contemporary relations in English and French Canada, the US, and around the world. This is a book waiting to be turned into a big-screen adaptation. Looking forward to Book 2 in the CANZUK at War Series! Reviewer


I was lucky enough to read an early copy of the book, its not my usual cup of tea genre wise but the characters are so compelling, and the story is brilliantly told, so I struggled to put it down! Buying a paperback copy because I’m going to read it all over again! – Reviewer


On the ground, fighting, in the background, calling the big and little moves and dissension on both sides is a hard story to tell. This book gives you the real feel as to how the men and women of the fighting troops fight , react, work together , following orders, support each other and the chain of command when all hell breaks loose.

This story has a great list of countries and characters that are throw together for the same purpose, to save the US of A from destroying itself from within.

Well written. Details of the battles from both sides are investigated and reported. The whole story is there for you interpret from both sides. You might go away with the feeling that this may not that far fetched. – Reviewer

Take Whiteman is available on Amazon