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The Argument for Canada Investing 2% GDP into Defence

I regularly listen to the Defence Deconstructed podcast, which regularly delves into a range of topics concerning the Canadian Armed Forces (the CAF). Recently, I listened to a conversation that discussed the brutal Wall Street Journal opinion piece that took Canada to task for its anemic defence spending, which is approximately 1.3% of GDP. Inarguably, it was the single most damning piece of opinion regarding the sorry state of Canada’s defence capabilities in recent memory. In listening to the conversation…

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Canada in Ukraine

Canada’s Policy Position on the Ukraine War: The Ugly Reasons Canada’s number one foreign policy challenge is Ukraine. To date, Canada has sunk nearly $3 billion into this war and Justin Trudeau and his cabinet have been full-throated in their support for Ukraine and its entry into NATO. To many, Justin Trudeau is an unserious person who cares very little about foreign policy issues. To that, add the fact the man seems a bit of a pacifist, or at the…

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Problems in Canada Special Forces and What to Do About it?

There have been two recent articles here in Canada about Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) that identified issues within Canada’s special forces community. The first addresses a number of HR issues within Joint Task Force 2 (JTF-2). These issues range from burnout to the mishandling of sexual violence allegations. The second article outlines what I would call the “poor cousin syndrome” that various units in the CANSOFCOM have toward JTF-2, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) tier-one fighting unit. In…

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The Disengagement of Men and its Potential Consequences

And is Such a Disengagement a Bad Thing? As a conservative middle-class man, I’m increasingly worried about the status and role of men in Western society. As you look in the past, there are many examples of the bad things that can happen when societies don’t provide men with positive societal outlets that allow them to engage and thrive in society.  Perhaps the most recent and greatest examples are the years that led up to WWII. In the fifteen odd…

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Conservative Middle-Class Men and Trans Rights – The Views Held

Question: What “rights” aren’t Canadian middle-class men willing to accept when it comes to trans rights? The short answer is almost all.  However, there are few areas that conservative middle-class men are not prepared to say yes to. This essay will identify what these issues or rights are and why it is conservative men will make efforts to prevent them from happening.   Now, as will be my contention in the series of short essays I will be producing in…

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