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Red Blue Storm: Now Available for Purchase

Available Exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Back Cover Synopsis of Red Blue Storm

The Second Civil War of the United States has resumed its bloody course.

Under its new President, Mitchell Spector, the United Constitutional States of America has taken the Blue Faction stronghold of Pittsburgh and now has its eyes set on Washington.  

To the north, Canada’s prime minister, Merielle Martel, must face off against agents of chaos and corruption that will stop at nothing to see her and her country destroyed.  

As shadowy forces work against the CANZUK nations from all sides, the countries of Canada, Australia, New Zealand the United Kingdom have no choice – if the light of democracy is to survive, their militaries and intelligence services must come together and fight to win.    

Packed with heart-pounding military and covert action and political intrigue that could be ripped out of today’s headlines, Red Blue Storm is a near-future thriller that tells the story of what could happen should the politics of today continue to along its current dark path.  

CANZUK: A military and political alliance made up of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

Take Whiteman is Book One in The CANZUK at War Series. Caribbean Payback is a standalone novella that takes place in the CANZUK fictional universe.

When is Red Blue Storm being released and where can it purchased?

Red Blue Storm was released July 23, 2023 exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

What are people saying about Red Blue Storm?

If you purchase and read Red Blue Storm, please let me know your thoughts about it by leaving a review. Reviews are hugely important to independent, self-published authors to raise awareness about their work. And I don’t care whether its five or two stars, all reviews are helpful.

In addition to Amazon and you’re feeling up to it, leave a star and/or written review on Goodreads.