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About Ryan

R.A. Flannagan is Ryan’s pen name. He is the author of the CANZUK At War series, which includes the novel Take Whiteman (2022) and the novella Caribbean Payback (2022).

Ryan’s varied career and life experiences have only recently allowed him to take up writing. Despite the delay, he’s enjoying the work immensely and intends to write more novels, with at least two more planned for the CANZUK At War series.

Ryan’s writing skills have been honed over twenty-plus years as an administrator with several public service outfits. Way back in the day, and not to overstate its importance, Ryan did put three years into Canada’s army reserves. The experience was enough to tell him the military life was not for him.

Picture of Ryan Flannagan, author

Nevertheless, with his keen interest in politics, defence-related issues and with his always firing imagination, Ryan writes military action stories for Canadians who have a hankering for what Canada could be.

Not a Canuck? Well no worries, because the stories Ryan writes are international in scope and are filled with gritty military action, shadowy espionage and political intrigue that will appeal to fans far and wide.

On the personal front, Ryan lives in outside Ottawa in farm country with his wife and daughter.    

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