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Self-Publishing Resources for Newbie Authors

Publishing Resources for a New Author

So as I’ve been writing, I’ve also been doing a ton of learning on how to improve my writing and how to get your book self-published. In this post, I’ll cover the second topic.

I won’t get into any of the details about self-publishing, but will offer a info on a few resources that I’ve found to be helpful in my own journey. These resources include:


The Self Publishing Authors Podcast, or otherwise known as the SPA Girls. This is a group of woman based out of New Zealand who collectively share their own experiences with writing and publishing. They also have on a broad range of guests to discuss these same topics. The information provided is beyond helpful and it is encouraging that this group of Kiwis’ is so willing to put in the time to share their collective knowledge. Having listened to well over a dozen of their podcasts, I can tell you it’s all first rate and worthy of your time.

The ‘Wish I’d Known Then… For Writers‘ podcast. This podcast is hosted by a pair of self-published authors from the US, and like the SPA Girls, they offer a near endless amount of knowledge based on their own writing experiences. They too interview a bunch of industry experts and other authors who are chalk full of helpful insights. I’ve listened to a large sampling of their episodes and can recommend it without hesitation.

Random millennial who could pass off as an author if it wasn’t for pics in the background. Definitely not me!


The Creative Penn is another exceptional resource. Joanna Penn is the ‘creative’ behind the website. Joanna is based in the UK and has been developing content for the Creative Penn for many years. She is both a fictional author and author of many books on self-publishing industry. She is a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend checking out her site to anyone who’s an aspiring author. Her content is exceptional. In addition to her website and many books, she also has a terrific podcast.

David Gaughran is the last, but certainly not the least of the recommended resources I’ve consulted in the past several months. Unlike, the first three recommendations, David doesn’t have a podcast, but he does have a blog, courses, and has written several books on various aspects of the self-publishing industry. All of it is first rate stuff.

Lots More Out There:

Let me just say that in my journey to write my first novel, I’ve been so impressed by the willingness of so many people to freely share their knowledge and experiences. The four recommendations above are but a small sample. I’ve learned so much because of these folks’ kindness and desire to pay it forward. As you listen to a few of the podcasts that are above, many other knowledgeable folks will become known to you.

Kudos and thanks to them all!

This picture makes me happy, so why not?

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